About The Project

I am committing to purchasing (and thus supporting) products designed to improve our lives and reduce our footprint on this planet, starting Earth Day April 2018 for one year.  I will review a different product or group of products each month, which allows time to play around with them and see how well they hold up to the current alternatives.  As of the start of the project, for financial reasons and time constraints, this is not a comparison of various alternatives within the eco space, but rather one product against the evil polluting empire.  However, I will list out other products that are competing in the same eco-space.  My plan is that these will be household items only and low tech – I don’t have an engineering degree although I wish I did!  Sort of.

None of the products reviewed were given for free.

If you have any thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment! Or if you have any products you’ve seen and would like reviewed or have tried and like, please let me know!