Net Zero – Safety Razor

The Product: Razor

The Sustainability Factor: Environmental

The Innovation: Product

Spoiler alert: This is by far one of my most favorite and treasured items I’ve reviewed. Similar to THINX, this is a new (or re-newed) product category which can replace its disposable and single-use predecessors, is easy to explain, and is a well-made product. There are several companies that sell safety razors similar to this one, but I’m reviewing the Double Edge Safety Razor – With Bamboo Handle by Net Zero. If you would like to view it on their website, you can click on this link.

Please, Do Tell.

Photo Credit: Net Zero

Well, since you insist. I have to get on my soap box for a minute. If you’re like me, you’ll just scroll to the good stuff anyhow. The minute I tried this beauty it was like things just clicked. Now that I have it, I can’t imagine ever using a disposable razor again. I understand if we are traveling and forget to bring it with us or whatever. But at home? There is no reason any of us should be using plastic disposable razors. Not now that this product exists. Disposable razors are really hard to recycle since they are made up of multiple types of materials. Up until now I always used plastic razors. A few years ago I switched to the Flamingo system at Target where you would just replace the razor head every so often. They came with 4 razor blades to ensure a nice, clean shave. I didn’t love it and sometimes the head would come off when I shaved.

Fast forward to the day a rose gold light came shining through my bathroom window. Okay, in all honesty it works like a normal razor blade. It’s not going to make your legs longer or tone up your muscles. But, I feel amazing using it. And I’m just so happy about this wonderful discovery. There are many eco-friendly products I try that I want to love, but sometimes they’re just not quite there. This one is pure gold (not actually – I’m pretty sure it’s steel and bamboo).

How Does It Work?

The product itself is self-explanatory. You might nick yourself the first time or two so go slow and gentle. Just like with any new razor, you don’t want to have goosebumps while you’re shaving. You know what else? It only has ONE BLADE. Not double, or three, or four, like all of the disposable razors have. This does that exact same job, if not better, with ONE BLADE.

I’m Not Convinced Yet.

There are many reasons why you should get yourself one of these.

  • This design has a double-sided razor blade. When you shave you can switch between the two sides, for double the fun and double the razor action.
  • If you haven’t shaved in a while and you get a nice big fur ball in your razor, simply unscrew the handle, rinse the hair out, screw the handle back in and continue shaving. Bonus nugget: Sometimes I like to exfoliate with an oil-based exfoliant and then shave. However, with plastic razors it really junks up the blade and pretty much ruins it. But with this feature, you get to rinse off the junk and keep shaving!
  • The replaceable safety razors are much more environmentally friendly to replace than pretty much anything else out there – even a replaceable shaving head because that most likely has some plastic components. There is NO PLASTIC!
  • Safety razors last a long time. I’ve been using my consistently for over a year and I’ve replaced my blade maybe 3 or 4 times.
  • It’s the adulting version. Remember when you were a teenager and used to buy cheap make up? (I wanted to be more specific but I don’t want to offend anyone.) And then you discovered make up didn’t have to look like melted crayons and you could buy better quality versions? It’s like that. This is hefty. Not like you’ll be able to count shaving as a workout hefty, but it feels legit.
  • Net Zero sells safety razors, but you can get them almost anywhere. I got some nice ones from Target that I’m happy with.
Photo Credit: Net Zero

Net-net, this is a must-have product I think everyone should buy and discontinue use of their plastic disposable razors. If not from Net Zero, then shop around. But I do really like this one and highly recommend it! Plus their logo has a sea turtle in it so how can you go wrong with that?

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