Concentrated household products are brilliant. By removing the water from the formulas, companies can reduce shipping and packaging environmental impacts. That is what excited me about trying Bite. Plus their branding is cool. Who wouldn’t want to be the hipster with this bottle in your travel bag?

Originally my plan was to talk to a few dentists about these. My number one priority was to make sure I wasn’t going to lose my teeth, either from strange ingredients or a lack of essential ingredients. Full disclosure: that didn’t happen. The teeth falling out. Nor the dentist evaluation. Our shelter-in-place order came in the midst of evaluating these so I can only provide my personal opinion about them.

What are they like?

You get your toothbrush wet, pop one in your mouth, bite down and start brushing. Easy to understand and simple to use. That is a big plus.

They’re small, like an oversized Tic Tac. Well, maybe like three Tic Tacs. If you’re a numbers person – they are about 1/4″ wide and about the same depth. They smell like a breath mint. The texture is like an uncoated pill and they have a fine, powdered crumble if you scrape them.

Photo credit: Kim Offenberg

When you bite them they crumble easily but they never fully dissolve. As you’re brushing there is still some grainy texture. They’re not super foamy either. I think their photo below is a fair representation of what I experienced.

Photo credit: Bite Toothpaste Bits

What are they made of?

Bite toothpaste bites are “vegan-friendly” and “all-natural”. The main ingredient difference to note for someone considering these, in my opinion, is Bite uses Xylitol and brands such as Sensodyne (which I use) has fluoride. I am familiar with Xylitol toothpaste because it is common in children’s toothpaste. Kids can swallow it with no health concerns. In fact, my kids’ dentist recommended it when they were too young to spit after brushing. As their dentist explained, it’s basically a sugar that can help prevent tooth decay. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the benefits are still unconfirmed which might be why it’s not as common in adult toothpaste. I am not someone who is against the use of fluoride, but I know it is a controversial ingredient so if you don’t want it in your mouth Bite has answered your call.

About the product

I purchased the 62 bit mint flavored bottle for $12. They offer a few other flavors, quantities and even a subscription service. They come in a glass bottle which is a nice alternative to the plastic tubes, but as we all know recycling is not the best bet for helping the environment. If you sign up for a subscription service you can get refills but that is the only way to get refills. The original purchases always come in glass bottles but refills come in pouches. The tablets are “sensitive to humidity.”

Although their primary products are toothpaste, they also offer bamboo toothbrushes. I purchased the two-pack for $12. They come in two parts so you can replace the brush head, although that part is still COMING SOON. They also mentioned that their brushes are the only vegan and non-plastic option, so that’s neat. I’ve used the toothbrush and it’s fine.

Photo credit: Kim Offenberg

As with most sustainable goods, Bites are pricier than the non-sustainable options. A four ounce plastic tube of Sensodyne at $6 is enough for a little more than eighty brushings. The one ounce glass bottle of Bites at $12 is enough for sixty two brushings. So despite taking out the water and added shipping cost savings (theoretically, due to size), Bites are still pricier per ounce and provide less brushes per ounce.

I will say, in reviewing these I have come to the realization that my much-loved and decades-long relationship with Sensodyne might be coming to an end because their parent company tests on animals and I do not want to support that practice. So thank you Bites for making me aware of that! Bites are cruelty-free. They are also locally-made which I absolutely love.

What’s the verdict?

I only used these for a few days before forming my opinion. In addition to the grittiness, I also didn’t care for the aftertaste. And while they do foam up, it’s nowhere near what I’m used to. My husband tried them and said he felt it was like brushing your teeth with just a wet toothbrush.

I love the thought behind them. And I am certain these are great for some people. Maybe those who want to transition from using just baking soda to a marketed toothpaste? Or if you are going backpacking? Maybe if you are going on a date and you throw one in your pocket just in case you need an after dinner refresh? They don’t solve enough for me and ultimately a product needs to work well if it has any hope of making it beyond a kitschy product sold at boutique stores in L.A. So I say, back to the drawing board!


  1. This has turned up in my feed, so I immediately came here to see if you reviewed it yet! Ha! I would have loved for this to be really a satisfying product or at least proven to be really effective so I would be willing to get used to difference…


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