Zozo – custom tailored clothing

This review is not for a sustainable product. It’s not environmentally friendly, nor do they have any special certifications to make them a special company I’m proud to buy from. BUT, I am really intrigued and excited about this as a completely new business model for the apparel industry -which is in dire need of some changing. So I decided to review this as a really exciting innovation in an industry that is creating some serious damage to our planet, and has the potential to move us in the right direction. I’ve also decided to revise my blog format to appeal to those of us who might just want to get to the info more quickly.

Photo Credit: Zozo


WHO Zozo Inc, a Japanese-based company manufacturing in China

WHAT Custom-tailored clothing

  • 3-step process: Download the app, record your measurements, order your clothes
  • The app is free and available on Google Play and Apple
  • You receive a free (I paid $4 for shipping) thin, nylon-like body suit with 350 sensors to take your measurements together with the app
  • Order clothing through the app based on your measurements
  • Can retake your measurements to order new items
  • Women’s & Men’s available
  • Basics (think Old Navy) with H&M pricing – a couple of styles of jeans, tees, long sleeves and a button up dress shirt


The Good

  • If your body type isn’t that of the typical fashion sizes, like you’re short with hips, this allows you to own clothing that actually fits you. Kind of like buying clothing and then getting it tailor-fit. But all in one step. Through your phone.
  • App is really easy to use and I giggled while it talked to me. Because it feels so high-tech.
  • Clothing is very affordable.
  • Pants fit good – length is right on. I was hesitant at first but they’ve already moved into my regular rotation.
  • Sweater fits well other than the waist which kind of bunches. I don’t think I own a single top that is the right length in the sleeves.
  • If you want to pretend you live in a dystopian future or need a somewhat see-through and unique Halloween costume, you’re set! (The zozosuit, not the clothes… just to be clear).
  • In case you missed it, if anything, at least you get to keep the zozosuit.
  • In the big picture – If you end up with clothing that doesn’t fit after buying it, this business model may help to eliminate some wasteful purchasing.

Oh. This is how jeans are supposed to fit.

said every short person ever after wearing these pants

The Bad

  • Not a wide variety of styles.
  • Jeans are nice, but not as premium as I’d normally purchase.
  • The sweater sleeves and collar fit great, but it bunched up strangely in my waist. It’s a little shorter than I want, but I think that’s kind of the style these days.
  • It took a MONTH to receive my clothes after ordering. That’s definitely not fast fashion. (Does that make this a good point or bad point?)
  • Clothing is not organic nor any more environmentally friendly than regular clothing.


ONLINE at Zozo.com. These are sold through the Zozo app and you do everything through the app. However, you can also search their website for the clothing available and to read more about the company.


Good! Recommended for:

  • Anyone who has a hard time buying clothing off the rack that fits,
  • cannot afford to custom tailor everything,
  • and wants basics, ala Old Navy and/or H&M.

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